Friday, April 22, 2011

Back off!

Cafeteria chaos: School bans lunches from home 


I don't agree with this. I remember some school meals I enjoyed...others were inedible. I'm the parent, it's MY decision what my child will and will not eat, not to mention whether I can afford the school's lunch prices. For all the principal knows that's the ONLY time my child gets soda and chips. Her heart is in the right place, but she's making assumptions based on a mere glimpse of the child's life and needs to butt out. Too many children have specific dietary needs these days--the cost alone of the school trying to accommodate all those needs should shut this down quickly. But that's not the point! It's not up to the principal what my child does or does not's her job to make sure my child is educated in a safe environment. I expect her to report any suspected abuse, but a bag of chips or occasional cupcake does not qualify as abuse. 
Simply put: I will not permit someone else to dictate what foods my child BACK OFF! That's my not-so-humble opinion.


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