Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad words.....

Today, being warm and rain free, was a mandatory "get Chris outside to play" day. So I took my stir-crazy, driving-Mommy-nuts, toddler to the park (near our townhouse) to burn off some energy. On the way there I heard one of the parents whistling for their child from their backdoor. That's not unusual, it seems most of the parents around here choose to whistle instead of yelling or, heaven forbid, walking the 10-50 feet to talk to their children.

We were still about 20 yards away from the side fence of the park when I heard a booming male voice say, "Are you THAT STUPID!?" My head snapped up and I watched in utter shock as an adult, whom I'm assuming was the whistling father, berated a small boy through the fence about 35 yards from us. I could see the child, who looked to be about 5 years old, was obviously terrified even from a distance. I was certainly glad there was a fence between them for I feared the man was angry enough to hit the child. Even knowing he couldn't strike the child I was horrified....mostly at the language he used. Although he didn't use the dreaded "F-word", in fact he used very few cuss words at was the other words that bothered me. Words like stupid, moron, and worthless. These, IMO, are verbal slaps that can leave emotional scars similar to those of physical abuse. Such verbal abuse can, IMO, be just as debilitating as physical abuse whether the recipient be an adult or a child....but most especially to a child. Had I been closer, and safely inside the fence, I don't think I would've been able to just stand there and stare like the other parents did. No one should ever talk to a child like that....not even another child.

So what's worse? Cussing in front of a child or calling them stupid? IMO calling a child ugly or stupid is far more damaging to the child than the typical cuss words we generally avoid using around them.So why are such words considered to be Okay while others are taboo? When will words like ugly and dumb be considered "four-letter-words"...and why aren't they already?

Just Sayin'

Friday, April 22, 2011

Back off!

Cafeteria chaos: School bans lunches from home 


I don't agree with this. I remember some school meals I enjoyed...others were inedible. I'm the parent, it's MY decision what my child will and will not eat, not to mention whether I can afford the school's lunch prices. For all the principal knows that's the ONLY time my child gets soda and chips. Her heart is in the right place, but she's making assumptions based on a mere glimpse of the child's life and needs to butt out. Too many children have specific dietary needs these days--the cost alone of the school trying to accommodate all those needs should shut this down quickly. But that's not the point! It's not up to the principal what my child does or does not's her job to make sure my child is educated in a safe environment. I expect her to report any suspected abuse, but a bag of chips or occasional cupcake does not qualify as abuse. 
Simply put: I will not permit someone else to dictate what foods my child BACK OFF! That's my not-so-humble opinion.


Nature is always better....but

I recently read a story about a nearby city using goats, instead of man power and nasty chemicals, to rid a park of noxious weeds. Way to go Charlottesville! I strongly approve of this method. Here's the story:  City Tries Out a Goat Friendly Way to Get Rid of Weeds - NBC29

But then I had to wonder: Why is the city paying to have the goats eat? Shouldn't the herders be happy to have free pasture? That said, I'd still rather pay for the goats than all the labor and use chemicals. It's about time we got back to the tried and true methods of weed control that ranchers have known about for centuries.

Also, I'm a bit curious about methods used to keep the children from encountering the electric fence. My common sense says good parenting should be enough--reality says that's just wishful thinking.