Monday, January 31, 2011

Whale Wars

I was flipping though channels a moment ago and, noticing that Whale Wars is on, felt a need to comment.

First I must say that I LOVE whales and detest the hunting of them. That said, I REFUSE to watch the show Whale Wars.
Although I do applaud their dedication to the protection of whales I can not condone their terroristic methods. Yes, I do consider them to be terrorists. They put lives on the line, they terrorize people who are only trying to do their jobs and make a living. Appauling as the hunting of whales may be to me it is a part of their culture, their way of life, and a legal means to provide for their families.

I'd like to see this show, which IMO glorifies their terroristic methods, removed from the airways. There are better ways [although they may be slower/ less effective/ and certainly not as exciting for TV] to go about stopping or limiting the hunting of these magnificent creatures without becoming terrorists.

I despise terrorists regardless their goals, regardless if they are from my country or not, because it's their means and methods that are WRONG. How can I, in good conscience, say this particular terrorism is ok merely because I approve the goal and then despise other terrorists who believe what they are doing is okay because their goals are "good" for their beliefs/people?

Destined Not (?) To Lose

I hate shows or programs like the Biggest Loser. They degrade people for not losing weight. It's bad enough they treat you like shit and talk down to you, but what makes it worse is that they only see the number on the scale. Their program isn't just about eating right and dropping includes heavy workouts. Those heavy workouts help reduce body fat sure. But they also increase muscle mass. This means Joe can work his ass off and may lose 3 inches, but he can actually gain weight. They don't take this into account...instead they see the weight gain and treat you like a filthy liar, a cheat, and worthless scum and you lose the game and money. All because you did your best. In fact you did so much better than the others that you lose! WTH!?

It's crap. The show is crap and their system is crap. No matter how much fat you lose, if you gain a pound of muscle they see it as a pound not lost. That's why I don't watch such programs....they piss me off and they should piss you and the contestants off too. It shouldn't be about the number on the scale! It should be about who got the healthiest and reduced their fat % the most.