Saturday, February 5, 2011

Color Me Confused

I went browsing (not intending to purchase anything) today and came back rather confused. In other words I saw some things that I simply don't get. Some I've offered my opinions on before, but not online, and others that simply left me befuddled. So, I'm going to list them here and see if anyone else thinks they are odd.

1) Why can't I find animal toys that include North American wildlife? All I can find are: Farm animals, common pets (dog, cat, even bunny rabbits), African animals, Sea life, and insects. Where are the bison, mountain lions, elk and deer, black and brown bears...etc? Does our wildlife not rate as toys? Is it odd that I'd like my son to have toys of animals he might actually SEE outside a farm or zoo?

2) Why are the toys so sexist? I looked in the girls section and found everything in pink and purple (ok, I can deal with the color crap) but I couldn't find any tools, bugs, sports stuff...etc. I found tons of baking/cooking/kitchen and food items, cleaning stuff( including toy ironing boards)...etc. WTH!? There are little girls who like sports, dirt, tools..etc. Why aren't those things even in the section even if they aren't the right color? Why can't they make a tool set in pink or purple anyway? Why isn't there a Handy Matilda?

3) Why is it impossible for me to find a hair brush for my son that: isn't an infant brush, isn't a adult/stiff bristled brush, that's not pink or purple, or that doesn't have a ladybug on it? Boys have hair that needs brushing too!

4) WHO is the moron who decided that infant meds (such as Tylenol infant drops) needed to have DYE in it to match the flavor? My son doesn't care if it's red, but I sure as hell do that it stains everything. Dye-free should have been, no should BE, the only formula for infants and toddlers! Instead all I can find is the red crap....mostly because other parents snatch up the dye-free stuff. You'd think the manufactures would get the hint.

5) While we are on the subject of moronic things companies do: I'd like to mention that my son has yet to notice the cute characters on his diapers. I feel safe in stating that he's never cared (from preemie XS to his current size), and won't for a while, that his diapers have Muppets on them. So why the hell am I paying for the diaper companies to have the rights to put things on his diapers that NO ONE CARES ABOUT!? Drop the muppets off diapers and only put them on sizes for older kids (such as pull-ups) and lower the price.

6) Why is the store carrying "Baby's First Thanksgiving" and "Baby's First Birthday" outfits in 24 month sizes? Look, I get that someone may adopt a child from China or the Ukraine and this may indeed be their first Thanksgiving. I get that there are babies out there that are HUGE for their age. What I don't get is why this is something stores would keep in stock and not consider to be a specialty item. Oh, and if the child really is about 24 months and this is their First Thanksgiving....shouldn't it say Toddler's First Thanksgiving instead?

7) Speaking of clothing: WTH can't clothing sizes be standard? I have at least 3 different sizes of shoes, pants, shirts, (heck even my rings are different sizes for the same finger!)...etc. as does my son. Some of my son's outfits are 18 month while others are 2T. He has pants that still fit that are 9 month and others that are 18 month. He also has shoes size 5 that are way too big and others that are now a bit tight. Frankly I've NEVER been able to order any clothing item through a catalog or online. If I can't try it on I don't risk it. Oh, and I used to think that men had it made with their pant and dress shirt sizing. After all they actually go by measurements! But, I was wrong. Even my husband has clothes that are all the same measurements yet they don't fit the same. 'Splain to me how two pair of pants, made by the same company, that have the same material, waist, inseam, AND cut can fit completely different? Are they HIGH when they make them?

:::::deep breath::::: Ok, I'll stop here. I would like to offer my opinions of the TSA and a few other news items, but I'll wait for another day. This particular rant has been enough to ease my issue laden brain....... for tonight. LOL

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